Petersfield Service Centre offers a wide range of Care & Repair options for ongoing maintenance of your vehicle.  

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When the weather is warm, you reach for your vehicle’s A/C button to activate the air conditioning to keep temperatures down and comfort levels up.

When you turn on the A/C, cold air pours from the vents, cooling the cabin temperatures and dropping humidity levels. If something’s wrong, a number of less cool things might happen instead, such as warm or hot air blowing from the vents, water pooling on the carpet, or unusual odours filling the car.

Any one of these vehicle symptoms could signal a problem with the A/C system, which could be as simple as a re-gas or something more involved.

If you are experiencing any problems with your air conditioning give us a call to book your car in for a care and repair inspection.

A faulty battery means you can effectively be grounded; nobody wants to find that their car won’t start when they need it to. Batteries don’t last forever and it is better to replace yours before it fails; we can advise on the best battery for your vehicle and supply and fit it.  Call us today on 01730 266111 to book an appointment.

You might find it helpful to know that there are usually a few symptoms to indicate that your battery needs attention before its too late:

Slow Engine Start
When you attempt to start the vehicle, the turnover of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start.

Battery Warning Dashboard Light
Battery warning light is on.

Low Battery Fluid Level
Car batteries typically have a part of the casing that’s translucent so you can always keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level. If the fluid level is below the lead plates (energy conductor:) inside, it’s time to have the battery and charging system tested.

Battery Leak:
Leaking also causes the corrosion around the posts : (where the + and – cable connections are located.: ) The gunk may need to be removed; otherwise, your car may not start.

Old Age:
Your battery can last well beyond three years but, at the very least, have its current condition inspected on a yearly basis when it reaches the three-year mark.


The braking system is one of the main safety elements active in any vehicle. There are various components in the braking system but the materials that cause friction –the brake discs and brake pads – need to be periodically maintained and replaced, as they are subject to wear. Indeed, each time the vehicle brakes, the friction generated causes the material used in both the brake pads and the brake discs to become worn.

To avoid compromising the working order of the braking system, when a certain level of wear has been reached, the brake discs and brake pads must be replaced.

Some signs that your brakes need attention

Brakes naturally deteriorate over time. Brake discs and pads should always be replaced in pairs; as a very general guide discs should be replaced at around 50,000 miles, while pads every 30,000 miles but don’t rely on this as driving style and conditions will influence wear and tear as well.

Unusual sounds when braking

If you hear unusual sounds when you press the brake pedal, there could be a problem with your brake system. Sometimes this is just because the car has been parked either in damp condition or for long periods of time. If this is the case then it can just be a build up of rust on the discs and will quickly wear off when you’re back on the road. If it doesn’t then get you brakes checked as soon as possible.

Pulling to one side

When you brake, does your car pull to one side? If one brake pad is worn more than the other then pulling to one side may occur.


If you notice some vibration in your steering wheel or brake pedal as you slow down, get your brakes checked. A vibration in your brake pedal could be a sign that your brake discs are warped.

Brake Pedal less responsive

Youneed to be aware of how responsive your brakes are. If you have to press the pedal nearly all the way to the floor before the car starts to slow down, this could be down to a problem with your hydraulic braking system and needs checking as soon as possible.


Petersfield Service Centre has a comprehensive range of vehicle diagnostic system tools and devices that work with a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. Using these our skilled diagnostic technicians can efficiently diagnose and resolve a huge range of vehicle management system faults.

With more advanced vehicle management system technology comes an increased number of dashboard warning lights.  If one comes on it’s important for you to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your journey and arrange an appointment with us to have the issue checked as soon as possible.

 An illuminated warning light means your vehicles has detected a potential fault, and the vehicle’s computer will have logged one or more diagnostic codes relating to the problem and turned on the warning light to alert you.  

If this happens and the warning light fails to go out after you have started the car you should stop as soon as possible in a safe place. Many warning lights are specific to the make and model of the car and the vehicles handbook can give you information on what you should do immediately.

In most cases, in order to establish the nature of the problem many warning lights will require connection of our diagnostics computer to the vehicle’s diagnostic connector in order to read the fault code(s). Following that, and dependent on the fault code, further diagnosis and testing may be required to isolate the fault so the correct action can be taken to rectify the fault.

Exhaust systems usually let you know when they need replacing.Most likely the first thing that you will notice if you need exhaust repair is increased engine noise. 

The exhaust system keeps the engine noise down so a leak will cause loud rumblings; this will be coming from one of the joints along the exhaust system and indicates its time to get it repaired or replaced sooner rather than later.

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Repairs come in all shapes and sizes and here at Petersfield Service Centre our team of highly skilled Vehicle Technicians are well equipped to diagnose effectively and carry out the repairs efficiently, meaning your vehicle is off the road for the minimum time necessary.

As the only contact point between the car and the road, tyres are arguably the most important component on a car. It is therefore important you have the right tyres fitted and that they are checked regularly to ensure that they remain road legal and safe.

We keep a wide range of tyres in stock but if we don’t have the ones you need we can source them quickly; usually the same day.

We have years of experience with tyres of all types and sizes and can help and advise on which tyre is best for your vehicle, taking make, budget, durability and compatibility with existing tyres into account too.

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